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BMIM-GA 2004 - 0 Credits

Fridays 1-2PM 

​Science Building G19

Course Director: 
Kelly Ruggles (

Course Description:

The goal of this course is to provide guidance in the following areas

  • Choosing a practicum research project
    • ​Research Spotlight series will introduce potential mentors and projects
  • Formal presentations and public speaking​
    • ​​Three presentations will be given throughout the year 
      • ​​Specific Aims
      • Preliminary Results
      • Final Thesis
  • Career Development
    • Resume building
    • Email etiquette 
    • Interviewing
    • Meeting with potential employers 
    • myIDP
  • Writing development
    • Literature Search
    • Citation Management
    • Peer Review

This class will be graded as a pass or fail will based on attendance. 

Fall 2018

  • September 14: Introductionto practicum
    • ​​Assignment: Research labs at NYUMC that interest you.  Find at least 5 mentors you would be interested in meeting or hearing more from about their research. They do not have to be bioinformatics focused, but you should have an idea of how you would apply informatics methods to their labs. Provide a summary including the mentor name and a few sentences about why their research is appealing to you by October 5th (emailed to 
      ​​Biomedical Informatics Research Mentors
      ​Full list of NYUMC Training Faculty

  • September 28: myIDP
  • October 5: PhD application overview (optional)
  • October 19: TBD
  • October 26: Research Spotlight 
  • November 2:  Netrias Data Solutions Presentation
  • November 9: David Fenyo - Introduction to Industrial Practicum Opportunities
  • November 16: Research Spotlight
  • November 30: Research Spotlight
  • December 7: Research Spotlight​

Spring 2019

  • February 1: Practicum Expectations
    • ​Specific Aims Draft: Due February 15
    • Literature Review: Due April 12
    • Preliminary Results: Due May 17
  • February 8: Presentation of Specific Aims (Group 1)
  • ​February 15: Presentation of Specific Aims (Group 2)
  • ​February 22: Navigating Difficult Conversations: Ashton Murray 
  • March 1: No Class
  • ​March 8: Resumes and Interviews with the Wassermann Center 
  • ​March 15: No Class
  • March 22: Spring Break
  • ​March 29: Writing Workshop: Dr. Tim Requarth
  • April 5: Alumni presentations
  • April 12: Presentation Skills: Dr. Tim Requarth
  • April 19: Presentation of Preliminary Results Group 1
  • May 3: Presentation of Preliminary Results Group 2
  • May 10: Presentation of Preliminary Results (in case not finished in previous weeks)

Group 1:
Kendall Anderson
Emily Dube
James Feng
Lizabeth Katsnelson
Vidya Koesmahargyo
Kit McDonald
Zacharia Sawag
Kiran Sundaram
Jill Westcott

Group 2:
Yi Cai
Shuyang Deng
Eden Feldman
Benedict Guzman
Brad Kim
Andrew Lin
Ankita Mishra
Zijing Sha
Shaleigh Smith
Hao Zhang

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