Biology intensive course for those with math or computational biology heavy backgrounds who would like an introduction to biomedical sciences upon entering the Sackler NYU PhD program. 

August 21-25, 2017 (5 sessions)


Translational Research Building (TRB)

227 East 30th Street 

Instructor: Kelly Ruggles, PhD

Monday, August 21 (2 hours)

​TRB 819

Session 1: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
Topics Covered: Macromolecules, cell organization, membrane structure, DNA to RNA synthesis

Tuesday, Aug 22 (2 hours)

TRB 619
Session 2: Genetics and genomics
Topics Covered: DNA Structure, replication and genetic inheritance, genetic variation, next generation sequencing.

Wednesday, Aug 23 (2 hours)

TRB 619
Session 3: Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Topics covered: Cell division; DNA Replication; Mitosis; Meiosis

Thursday, Aug 24 (2 hours)

TRB 819
Session 4: Transcription and Gene Regulation
Topics Covered: Eukaryotic transcription; Transcriptional regulation; miRNA; RNA Splicing; Epigenetics

Friday, Aug 25 (2 hours)

​TRB 819
Session 5: Proteins and Post-translational Modifications
Topics covered: Protein synthesis and structure; Protein complexes; Protein folding; Cell signaling


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