Introduction to Biomedicine

BMIM-GA 0001 - 2 Credits
Monday 12:00-1:30PM and Wednesday 1:00-2:30PM 

Course Directors: 
David Fenyo (

Kelly Ruggles (

Learning Objectives:

  • To develop a general understanding of the techniques used in biomedical and computational biology research.

  • Gain a sense of the current state of the field.

  • Develop and improve presentation skills.

  • Increase your understanding of study design and available experimental methods and tools

This course serves to review many of the key methodologies used in molecular biology and biomedicine . During this course we will cover a range of topics including genomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics, systems biology and translational medicine. We will spend approximately 15 minutes at the start of class discussing methodologies and general concepts. The last portion of the class will be spent with student-led presentations of journal articles assigned for that week.  Specific students will be assigned for that session but all students are expected to thoroughly review the papers and research background questions prior to class.  Discussions are meant to foster conversation and critical thinking in the context of biology and differences in background knowledge will be taken into account in grading.

 For those with limited biology experience, I highly recommend you read “The Processes of Life” by Lawrence E. Hunter, which serves as an overview of molecular biology for non-biologists.  I am also happy to provide you with additional reading for any topics upon request.

Grade Distribution

Grades will consist of 50% of class participation and 50% from assigned paper presentations.

Week 1: Biomedical Data

Week 2: AI in Medicine

Week 3: Microbiology 

Week 4: Systems Biology 

Week 5: Multi-Omics 

Week 6: Natural Language Processing in Medicine