Seminar in Systems and Computational Biomedicine (SCBM)

Science Building G19
Fridays 12-1PM
Doctoral Students: BMSC-GA 4435  - 1.5 Credits
Master Students: BMIM-GA 2001 - 0 Credits

Course Director: 
Kelly Ruggles (

Course Description
The Seminar in Biomedical Informatics course is meant to give students the opportunity to practice their presentation skills and to facilitate the development of student’s dissertation research ideas.The main goal of the course is to provide students an open forum for scientific discussion of relevant topics in Biomedical Informatics and provide feedback to the doctoral students about their scientific work. 

After taking this class students are expected to:

  • Read and understand scientific literature.

  • Critically evaluate scientific work.

  • Actively listen and evaluate presentation content and formulate pertinent questions.

  • Develop presentation, communication and teaching skills.

Attendance and participation
Doctoral and Master’s students are required to attend to seminars in order to obtain a passing grade and/or credit for the course. Attendance will be taken and two absences per semester will be allowed. Attendance will be taken and two absences per semester will be allowed. In cases where a student misses more than two classes per semester, they will be required to summarize an assigned article per class missed. Master’s students can attend via WebEx or another telecommuting method with permission of the course director.

All doctoral students are required to present, with the exception of first-year students.  This class will be graded as a pass or fail will based on attendance, the quality of the student presentations and their participation in class. 

Fall 2018

  • September 14: Michael Shen (Boeke Lab)

  • September 21: Dr. David Truong (Boeke Lab)

  • September 28: Vincent Major (Aphingyanaphongs Lab)

  • October 5: Britney Martinez (Nudler Lab)

  • October 12: Menghan Liu (Blaser Lab)

  • October 19: Sana Badri (Skok and Bonneau Labs)

  • October 26: Dr. Florian Wagner (Yanai lab)

  • November 2: Emily Kawaler (Fenyo and Ruggles Labs)

  • November 9: Dr. Wilson McKerrow (Fenyo lab)

  • November 16: OFF

  • November 23: OFF

  • November 30: Greg Brittingham (Holt Lab)

  • December 7: Sofia Nomikou (Aifantis and Tsirigos Labs)

Spring 2019

  • January 18: Igor Dolgalev (Aifantis and Tsirigos Labs)

  • February 1: Anna Yeaton (Tsirigos Lab) -- SB103

  • February 8: Dr. Sumantra Chatterjee (Chakravarti Lab)

  • February 15: Angelina Volkova (Ruggles Lab)

  • February 22: Ji Chen (Aphingyanaphongs Lab)

  • March 1: Laura McCullough (Boeke Lab)

  • March 8: Dr. Benjamin King (Lionette lab)

  • March 15: Runyu Hong (Fenyo Lab)

  • March 22: Maayan Baron (Yanai Lab)

  • March 29: Neil Jethani (Aphingyanaphongs Lab)

  • April 5: Cooper Devlin (Loke and Ruggles Lab)

  • April 12: Dr. David Giganti (Noyes lab)

  • April 19: Cindy Wang (Fenyo Lab)

  • April 26: Dalia Barklay (Yanai Lab)

  • May 3: Jonathan Abebe (Long and Tsirigos Lab)

  • May 10: Sonali Narang (Tibes and Tsirigos Lab)

  • May 17: Tobias Schraink (Carlton Lab)